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Interactive whiteboard using Wii remote


The Secret Cheap Interactive Whiteboard

Using a Wii remote, some nifty software and an infrared light source you can turn your computer and projector into an interactive whiteboard for under £100.

What you will need:


I'm the head of ICT in a UK secondary school and when I saw Johnny Chung Lee's youTube video demonstrating cheap IWB technology I was sceptical. However, as it was so cheap I thought why not, so I nicked (borrowed) one of my niece's Wii remote controllers.

I got a little stuck as an infrared pen was the only piece of equipment that I couldn't easily lay my hand on so I used the TV remote (more moaning resulted as I was doing my testing during something called X-Factor!). This proved to me that this was a feasible alternative and a substantially cheaper one so I set about finding some infrared pens. I couldn't so I created a few, then sold a few to colleagues...and now, together with my good friend Don we make and sell kits all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer stock the Wii Remote Controller directly for sale in small quantities. These items are usually cheaper and better sourced in your own respective country and can be found at most large retail outlets. Later versions of the Wii Remote will need to use a bluetooth dongle that uses the Toshiba bluetooth software. We supply these bluetooth dongles on our website.

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